Position: Senior Toolpusher

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Industry Oil & Gas
Location 611 Torbay Road, Suite 1

Hourly Rate N/A
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Start Date 25th Jun 18
Contract type Contract
Reference ID 13590
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SUPERVISES: Toolpusher/Driller

TYPE OF RIG: DP3 Self Propelled, Semi Submersible MODU, 6th Generation RAM Rig


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full-Time, Temporary

JOB SUMMARY:  Senior drilling person on board providing effective control over the vessel’s drilling operations with due regard for the customer’s well program, safety of personnel, maintenance of drilling equipment and protection of the environment.  Serve as the primary interface with the customer regarding execution of the well program.  Apply and promote Transocean’s “FIRST” Shared Values.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent 
  • Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education
  • 1+ years experience as onshore rotating toolpusher / operation planner
  • 2+ years as Driller on a Ram Rig
  • 2+ years experience on 6th generation dual activity, cyber based semi submersible rig
  • Experience with MH Drillview or similar drilling control systems
  • Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling equipment
  • Valid Well Control Supervisor certificate
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates


  • Manage the planning and efficient execution of the drilling program in coordination with OIM, Customer Representative and rig department heads.  Assist in planning the job activities of the drilling department and associated activities.  Ensure they are in accordance with the well program
  • Participate in the daily operations meeting with the OIM and other rig department heads
  • Promote and maintain an effective working relationship with other departments, third-party personnel and Customer Representatives
  • Ensure that pre-spud meetings are conducted and that well related hazards are recognized and managed appropriately by the key personnel
  • Ensure pre-tour meetings are effective in communicating upcoming operations to all involved.  Ensure all hazardous situations and non-routine operations are thoroughly covered and appropriately risk assessed
  • Manage the monitoring of all well construction equipment and systems usage, supervise testing and inspection of related critical equipment and systems, and ensure operational parameters and limits are observed.  Maintain records of inspections and certification of drilling equipment, tools and tubulars
  • Monitor the maintenance, testing, repair and installation of all drilling and well control equipment to ensure reliability and that performance standards are met in accordance with Company requirements.  Records must be maintained as required
  • Ensure that the mud mixing systems and solids control equipment are being monitored and properly maintained
  • Organize and supervise the activities of drilling and completion departments and ensure rig-specific procedures are understood and observed by participating personnel
  • Keep the OIM informed of ongoing well construction activities and pertinent matters
  • Ensure third-party personnel responsible for various aspects of the well program understand and follow Transocean policy and procedures
  • Ensure that the Driller is provided each tour with the Standing Instructions to Driller (SID) that is relevant to the planned operations
  • Ensure that well construction activities comply with the requirements set forth in the Transocean Management System (i.e. Well Control Handbook, Operations Policies and Procedures, Deepwater Field Operations Procedures)
  • Verify accuracy of all well construction calculations
  • Responsible for all well kill operations.  Communicates the status to the Master/OIM and Rig Manager
  • Ensure the Drillers are empowered to immediately shut-in the well in response to a positive kick indicator
  • Review the daily drilling operations report (GMS) for accuracy and approve accordingly
  • Recommend adjustments to drilling parameters as necessary to improve the overall drilling performance
  • Manage non-shearables in accordance with the EDS Plan policy and DP Alert procedure
  • Ensure conformance to local and international laws including environmental regulations relating to the vessel’s area of operation
  • Authorized Purchase Orders for equipment for parts necessary to keep the drilling operation free of downtime.  Assist in ensuring that sufficient stock of parts and materials are maintained.
  • Review all drilling vessel-generated requisitions.
  • Incorporate the Task Planning and Risk Assessment process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team
  • Apply the START process during the execution of planned tasks and daily operations.  Ensure subordinate personnel are properly trained in the START process
  • Ensure that subordinates are trained prior to using the permit to work (PTW) process.  Approve all PTW as designated by the Master/OIM through the Control of Work Process.  Ensure all task steps and controls are understood and any other activities that may be affected are identified before approving the PTW
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever and unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed
  • Ensure that the Company QHSE policies and other programs are communicated to and understood by all personnel
  • Play an active part in the weekly meetings, FOCUS Improvement Program and all other Company safety management systems
  • Ensure that subordinates understand their roles as related to the Emergency Response Plan and are capable of responding to emergency situations are designated on the station bill
  • Coordinate well control drills and evaluate the crew’s responses.  Conduct After Action Reviews and ensure that findings are communicated to the crew and lessons learned captured
  • Ensure that DROPS inspections are conducted as per the rig’s DROPS inspection program
  • Ensure drilling department personnel meet the Company training requirements according to the applicable training matrix
  • Participate fully in the performance appraisal process for Drilling Department
  • Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work at their next job level.  Ensure that a succession plan in place for drilling department personnel
  • Apply and promote the appropriate level of accountability including the application of positive recognition or disciplinary action


It is the objective of Transocean and Puglisevich to ensure employment equity within the workplace. We encourage applications from Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, women, and persons with disabilities having the capability, qualifications and experience to make application for this position. Qualified residents of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador will be given first consideration in the staffing of these positions.

 We would like to thank all applicants for their interest; however only those selected for interview will be contacted.

 To apply, please send your application to careers@puglisevich.com

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