Regulatory Awareness (CAPP)

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Section 1: An Overview of Applicable Safety Related Legislation

Section 2: An Overview of Each of the Applicable Safety Related Regulations

Section 3: An Overview of Applicable Guidance Issued by Relevant Regulatory Authorities

Section 4: An Overview of the Regulatory Structure and the Roles of the Various Regulatory Bodies

Section 5: An Overview of Regulatory Processes Including Such Processes as:

  • Work
  • Authorizations
  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Compliance Audits
  • Enforcement

Section 6: An Explanation of the Internal Responsibility System

Section 7: An Overview of Operator and Employer Duties and Obligations Pursuant to the Legislation

Section 8: A Detailed Explanation of Worker Rights and Obligations Pursuant to the Legislation with   Emphasis on:

  • The Right to Know
  • The Right to Participate
  • The Right to Refuse
  • Worker Obligations to Work Safely and Report Incidents  and Accidents

Section 9: An Explanation of the “Regulatory Query” Process


Duation: Half Day