Rigging & Signalling

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Course Details

Section 1: Basic Rigging Concepts

  • Questions to Insure Safe Rigging Operations
  • Before Starting a Lift
  • Hand Signals

 Section 2: Rigging Gear and Inspection Criteria

  • Sling (Wire Rope, Single-Part, Mini-Part)
  • Rigging Components: Sling Ends, Eye and Sling Choker Hook

 Section 3: Putting Slings to Work- Hitch Capacity and Hardware Selection

  •  Rigging Fundamentals

               - Know Your Lift

                -The Lifting Device

                -The Hitch

                -The Load

                -Load Weight

  • Steps to Follow

                -Analyze and Measure

                -Determine the Hitch

                -Select the Sling

                -Inspect the Sling

                -Rig Up, Not Down

                -Check Everything            

                -Stand Clear and Lift

                -Use a Tagline, or Tether to Control Any Movement

                -Don’t Jerk

 Section 4: Safe Rigging Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry- API RP 2D

  • Securing a Load
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Being Aware
  • Load Binders
  • Begin Tie Down

 Section 5: Blocks and Wire Ropes

  • Drums, Blocks, Sheaves, and Wire Usage and Inspection
  • Wire Rope Installation


PPE Required Includes:

  • CSA Approved Hard Hat
  • CSA Approved Safety Boots
  • CSA Approved Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Coveralls



*Course includes the cost of the NSL: Rigging & Lifting Handbook