Overhead Crane Operations/Rigging

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Section 1: Crane Types & Components

  • Description and Components of:

                    -Bridge Cranes

                    -Gantry Cranes

                    -Monorail Cranes

                    -Jib Cranes


Section 2: Terminology/Definitions

  • Common terminology used in manufactures operating manuals, standards, and regulations


Section 3: Warning Signs

  • Dangers
  • Warnings
  • Cautions
  • Notices
  • Lockout/Tagout


Section 4: Inspection Procedures

  • Inspection procedures governed by the CSA Standard B167-08 “Overhead Traveling Cranes - Design, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Safe Operation”


Section 5: Operating Procedures

  • Hazard Assessment
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Operating Techniques
  • Internationally Recognized Hand Signals


Section 6: Lifting the Load

  • Load Weight Estimation and Calculation
  • Center of Gravity


Section 7: Rigging

  • Inspection and Application of Slings and Rigging Hardware
  • Sling Angles and Tensions
  • Types of Hitches



  • Standards Applicable to Overhead Crane Operation


1 Day Course

Course Cost: $205.00 + HST