Counterbalance Forklift Operator

Scheduled Course Dates

Course Date Location Delegates  
1st Oct 20 | 9:00 AM Canada
15th Oct 20 | 9:00 am Canada
*Please contact us to arrange alternative course dates, if none of these are suitable.
*Courses cannot be booked less than 2 hours before they are due to start. Please contact us to check late availability.

Course Details

Section 1: The Rules

  • General Regulations
  • Specific Regulations
  • Additional Regulations and Company Policies

 Section 2: Types of Forklifts

  • Classifications of Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Main Styles of Counterbalanced Forklifts

 Section 3: Main Parts of a Counterbalanced Forklift

  • The Counterbalanced Forklift
  • Main Parts of the Forklift
  • Types of Tires
  • Your Specific Forklift

 Section 4: Understanding Forklift Safety

  • Fulcrum Point and Load Center
  • Load Rating or Capacity Rating
  • Stability and Center of Gravity
  • Stability Triangle (Pyramid)

 Chapter 5: Safe Forklift Operation

  • Pre-use Inspections
  • Inspecting the Load
  • Picking up a Load
  • General Driving Hints
  • Placing a Load
  • Working in a Trailer
  • Operating on a Ramp or Slope
  • Parking and Shutdown
  • Elevating Personnel
  • Areas of Danger
  • Theory Review
  • Workplace-specific Safety Concerns

 Chapter 6: Fuel Types and Batteries

  • Propane (LPG)
  • Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
  • Batteries


PPE Required:

  • CSA Approved Hard Hat
  • CSA Approved Safety Boots


Duration: 1 Day